First Time With Our 2022 Tesla Model 3 On The Race Track

First Time With Our 2022 Tesla Model 3 On The Race Track

This past week we pushed our 2022 Tesla Model 3 LR to its limits at Pittsburgh International Race Complex’s 2.8 mile full circuit track, and the results were VERY impressive.

Dylan, Founder of Plugged In Performance, managed to clock a few 2:10’s with our car in 100% stock form (tires, brakes, suspension, etc). What impressed us most about this car was its ability to handle corners very well considering its weight and its exit speed coming out of the corners.

For our next track outing we plan to do a brake fluid change with Castrol SRF fluid which will help reduce brake fade immensely, we experienced significant brake fade after about 2-3 laps. We are also going to install a set of coil-over suspension to help reduce bounce, body roll, and manage the corners a bit better.

Currently, our goal is to get the Model 3 to do a sub 2:00 lap time for reference at Pittrace a Porsche GT3RS will be at 1:50 or less in the hands of the right driver. We’re sure that upgrading the Model 3's undesirable brakes to something more aggressive and tires suited for the track will drop another second off the 2:10 baseline, and aero mods like a rear wing and splitter as well as shedding some weight from the car should net us a couple second time drop. If we can manage to get the Model 3 within 5 seconds of our goal we’ll be ecstatic. We’re working on some parts to put to the test as we speak! All-in-all, the 2022 Tesla Model 3 LR with some minor performance upgrades is a bang-for-the-buck beast on the track.

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