Excited to introduce our latest innovation, the Laser Etched Interior Ambient Lighting Kit for Tesla Model 3 & Y! Before delving into the installation process, let's explore its remarkable features and what's included.

Key Features:

  • Superior Quality: Precision-designed for the 2021+ Tesla Model 3/Y, ensuring a seamless fit.
  • Versatile Modes: Offers various light placements and modes, including gradients, rhythmic patterns, solid colors, and stroboscopic flashes.
  • 128 RGB Color Adjustments: Customize your preferred color effortlessly.
  • Smart Screen Control: Easily adjust lighting mode and brightness via the onboard screen for comprehensive ambiance control.
  • Low Energy Consumption: With 45,000 luminous points, enjoy vibrant colors with ultra-low 6W power consumption, ensuring prolonged battery life.

What's Included:

  • Center Cup Holder Replacement With Lighting Control Touchpad
  • Dash Board Laser Etched Metal Trim Piece
  • Front Door Laser Etched Metal Trim Pieces (2x)
  • Front Door Laser Etched Metal Tweeter Covers (2x)
  • Rear Door Ambient Lighting Strips (2x)
  • Seat-back Ambient Lighting Hoops (2x)
  • Front & Rear Footwell Ambient Lights (4x)
  • Front & Rear Door Cubby Ambient Lights (4x)
  • All Necessary Wiring Harnesses & Hardware


Installation Process: Step 1: Disassembly

We recommend disassembling the car all at once vs. step by step.

We started by removing the center console cup holders, This is where the touch pad controller for the entire lighting kit will be located. Next we remove the panels on either side of the center tunnel, as well as the lower dash panels on both sides. Then we remove the entire upper dash trim piece. Remove both front and rear door panels, we then separate the door trim pieces and tweeters from the door panel on both front doors. lastly we remove the seat-backs on both front seats.

Step 2: Removal of OEM Metal Trim & Attachment of New Pieces

For this step we will be removing the oem metal trim from both the dashboard and door trim pieces. Our trim pieces are upgraded satin carbon fiber but yours are most likely either white or wood grain depending on your interior color.

Use a flat head to pry the trim pieces off. Note, in this process you will have to break the original clips attaching to the trim.

Once removed Attach the new laser etched metal trim pieces, we recommend wrapping with masking tape to ensure the trim holds its position while we adhere it to the dash and door trim pieces with a specific automotive adhesive applied with a hot glue gun. When completed put these parts to the side while taped and let sit for an hour to ensure the glue adheres. Finally remove the oem tweeter covers and install the new upgraded covers.

Step 3: Wiring and Interior Re-installation

We start by running the wires from the center console touchscreen control panel up the center tunnel to both the lower and upper dash board. Install the upper dashboard trim and make sure to test for functionality before buttoning everything up. Install new ambient footwell lights underneath the dashboard and run the wires to both front doors and the rear seating area, re-install lower dash trim. At this point attach the new ambient door trim to both front door panels and plug everything in, again test for functionality. We ran the remaining wires under the doorsill trim to the rear seating area and rear doors, install rear doors with new lighting trim. Lastly install the new lighting trim to the seat-back's and place the rear footwell lights under the seats on both sides.


This kit is absolutely awesome when it comes down to fit and finish, functionality, and overall wow factor. The goal with all of our Plugged In Performance products is to provide a simple installation process that you can do at home, and most importantly have fun while doing it. While initially intended for DIY installation, its complexity requires expertise. Therefore, we now offer in-house installation services for this kit, exclusively for local customers.

Interested in enhancing your Tesla experience? Contact us at for more information or to make a purchase.


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