Vorsteiner Volta Aero Rear Diffuser | 2017+ Tesla Model 3


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Vorsteiner's brand and root foundation is built upon building nothing but the absolute highest quality parts for the most discerning clientele. Their brand is the embodiment of Vorteiner and its cars, reflecting the aesthetic beauty of technically advanced solutions and the very soul that comes from hands that create purely sensational parts.

Vorsteiner's vision is quite simple, create the most advanced, innovative quality parts that each and every customer can be proud of. Each and every part must be tested and pass highly detailed quality control before leaving the Vorsteiner factory.

In June 2019, Vorsteiner released the first ever aero package for the Tesla Model 3. Each component of the Volta Aero Tesla Model 3 Kit is created from the highest quality pre-preg 2x2 glossy carbon fiber.

The Vorsteiner Volta Aero Kit is ready and waiting to take your Tesla Model 3 to the next level. Current production time is 8 to 10 weeks.


  • Tesla Model 3 2017+

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