Rally Armor Mud Flaps | 2022 Tesla Model X (MF102-UR)

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2022 Tesla Model X Mud Flaps by Rally Armor

“Doesn’t affect range,” so cited the vetted veteran EV owner of all Models Tesla and Rivian R1T. Having Rally Armor UR mud flaps versus not proves a massive contrast in its vehicular coat finish. That's the cumulative testing feedback conveyed to Engineering during application development on the Model X, X Plaid mud flaps.

Amplifying those pluses with not touching, trimming, or drilling into any liners, Rally Armor produces mud flaps in symphony with Tesla Model X and X Plaid owners vested in a clean driving experience. A qualitative ride from a sleek screen signaling its engines to turn on overtakes ignition commotion, and the serene interior notched up by vast windshield vista views draw drivers and passengers to Tesla. Then, just consider the auditory peace of driving an all EV SUV marred by the sharp sounds of rocks pitting, mud tacking onto wheel well liners and side skirts chipped by who knows what any driver runs over.

Well-informed X and X Plaid owners will undoubtedly research mud flaps, research their efficacy, research some more, then ultimately deduce that Rally Armor’s flexible UR mud flaps are best known for premium polyurethane toughness, toppling any mud flap or splash guard claiming to offer the best in paint protection.


  • Constructed from High-Quality Materials
  • Multiple Colors Available


  • Protects your bumper/fenders from harsh road debris
  • Offers a great rally inspired look


  • 2022 Tesla Model X

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Set of Mud Flaps


  • Rally Armor's Limited Warranty