D2 Racing Air Struts w/ VERA AccuAir e+ Connect Pressure Management | Tesla Model 3 AWD | 2018-2021


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D2 Racing Air Struts allow for adjustment through both the lower mount and inflatable sleeve or double bellow style air bellow which allows for ultimate range of ride height adjustment. Each air shock features a 36-way damping adjustable design for fine-tuning of ride quality and responsiveness.

The AccuAir e+ Connect Pressure is the latest generation of AccuAir controller, which allows you to control your suspension through the e+ App or TouchPad controller (sold separately) with three presets. Pressure based system allows for simple installation and higher reliability over height sensor kits. Features 5.0 Bluetooth for the highest level of stability/range, over-the-air updates, RGB backlit with user-customizable color and ride-height-on start.


  • E+ Connect With Pressure+ Upgrade
  • Vera 4-corner (8-valve) Manifold
  • Brushed Aluminum 4 Gallon Specialty Suspension Seamless Tank With Baseboard
  • Chrome Viair 444c (Add A Second Compressor With Wiring Harness And Fittings For $280 Msrp)
  • Smc Water Trap
  • 60' Dot 1/4 Air Line
  • All Necessary Fittings, Power Cables And Plugs
  • Tesla 3 2018-2021

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