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With a deep understanding and experience in automotive OEM design, we seek to create components that are not only aerodynamically efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. Our design philosophy has always been to improve the style while staying true to the original design characteristics. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), aerodynamic analyses are performed to compare the efficacy of a factory car to one that has been fitted with ADRO's kit, and further simulations are conducted to determine and refine the optimal design of ADRO’s aero package. We utilize a proprietary 7-stage production process that allows our components to not only meet aftermarket demand but meet OEM quality regulations. ADRO's in-house process starts with a world-class 3D scan of a complete OEM vehicle, followed by detailed design, 3D digital surface modeling, and CAD development to ensure a factory level of fitment and reusing the OEM mounting where possible.
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